I tried Geo-Caching and all I found was poison ivy…

I had never heard of Geo-Caching until a few weeks ago. It sounds like something to do with rocks, but in fact it is, according to wiki an :

‘ outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.’

So its like a treasure hunt, you sign up  pull up an app (there are many, this is the one I used) and it tells you what caches are nearby, providing GPS coordinates, and you can use google maps to get directions to get there. Once you are at the GPS location you have a search around.

 Allegedly there will be a small waterproof container containing a log book and sometimes a trinket.  I say allegedly because I tried ‘caching’ 6 different times and found bupkus! nada! not a thing!!! It made me feel slightly better that the user previous to me also couldn’t find anything in all the same spots, so maybe they are gone? I’m not sure who maintains the caches, making sure they are in good shape, clearly all six of the ones I tried near my house need help.  The whole point is that they are hidden, they aren’t supposed to be found easily, they should be hidden well enough to add a bit of challenge, and also you don’t want the cache to be mistaken for trash and thrown away.  All that means is that all 6 caches took me off the walking paths in my neighborhood and into the fields and woods…you know, where poison ivy is! Which I unknowingly found. A few days after my adventure walking, as my husband likes to call it, I found a few bug bites (so I thought) on my lower legs. After a week of non stop, making me crazy, I want to chop my legs off itchiness, I finally went to the doctor because I thought a few of the bites had gotten infected…nope, not infected and also not bug bites but POISON IVY! YAY! I’ve never had poison ivy, and now I feel bad for everyone in the world who has gone through this….it sucks man, sorry! Calamine lotion is my new best friend (and epsom salt baths)!!


Anyhoo… geo-caching was a bit of a bust, but I think I may give it another shot, ya’ know, once the poison ivy clears up, maybe try a more urban area where the only dangers are cars, broken glass and hoodrats.