Paper flowers

so it has been awhile since my last post…work has a way of ramping up at unexpected times, so while I actually played around with paper flowers several weeks ago, this is the first opportunity I have had to actually write about it. ย Making paper flowers was actually pretty fun, and I ย had something pretty to show for it too! ย I used cardstock from Michael’s and a hot glue gun to hold stuff in place.



The first method of paper flowers I used was the spiral method. It is the EASIEST way to make flowers ever!! You draw a spiral on the paper, then cut out following the lines, then roll from the outside in and bam! you have a flower! The more spirals the tighter the flower. I cut several differently sized spirals to make the above bouquet. Then I cut out some leaf shapes to complete the look and glued everybody to a piece of paper (I’ve also seen them attached to straws to make stemmed flowers, or strung on a string to make a garland).


I used this blogย for instructions for the spiral flowers, but there are a ton more on Pinterest, so have a search if you want.


For the second batch of paper flowers, I went with paper gardenias. ย These are a bit more complicated than the spiral flowers, and technically you need a printer for them, but I don’t have a printer, but I DO have cookie/cake deco cutters and that actually worked for this flower. ย I traced my cutters onto the paper and cut them out (had I printer, I would have printed from a template, then cut them out). ย It was essentially 4 sets of petals, curled and shaped for dimension, stacked on top of each other so each layer of petals can be seen,then a center core…you can find way better instructions here

20170820_102010pssst…..these flowers are a different color than the spiral ones, I swear!


My 3rd attempt at paper flowers didn’t go over so great unfortunately… I wanted to make a giant flower, using this cool metallic 12×12 paper I had kicking around, but, once again you needed a printer. I thought I could free hand it, but I was wrong

here it is…



are you sure you want to see this…?


ok here goes…





So in the end, I really enjoyed making both the spiral flowers and gardenias…they would make great decorations for parties or holidays, but I definitely need to get a printer if I want to do anything more complicated than that.