My name is Holly and I need a hobby.  My husband has many hobbies, and it has been pointed out to me that I should have interests that are not just work, sleep and hanging out with my him. I need to have something just for myself, something that I enjoy and fills my free time.  So.  So follow me as a try a bunch of things that people consider hobbies and hope that I find one (or more!) that suits me.  There are a few activities that some would consider hobbies that I already do and are necessary for life and they are:

Reading (seriously, it needs to happen every day)

Cooking (I am a pastry chef, he is an accountant…but we BOTH love to cook)

Watching Movies (I probably watch too many movies if I’m being honest)

so I won’t be trying out those hobbies, I’m pretty ace at them already thank you very much!


So here’s how its going to work, I will pick a new hobby and give it a try for a couple of weeks. Then I will write about my experience here.  Some upcoming hobbies to try are:


Paper Flowers

Trivia Night




and I’m open to suggestions so add them in the comments

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